Professional Tasting

Since the very beginning of the House of Pastis, we have been asked by companies, event-organizers and groups to inform them about our high-ranking Pastis and Absinths.

Therefore we would like to propose to you professional tastings accompanied by a lecture about anis-based drinks: their history, stories about them, the techniques of their manufacture, the laws, the people important to their history and the truth and untruth that have dotted it.

This congenial time is always closed by a question and answer period.

In a one or a one-and-one half hour period we let you discover five Pastis and two Absinths and also we make for you a technical and historical presentation. We can however adapt our presentation to your time limits.

Mr. Bernard will be exclusively in charge of the presentations.

Please contact us by mail. We can decide together on the best formula and then we can inform you about its conditions.

A note: we can make only a limited number of presentations a year. We therefore invite you to contact us as soon as possible during the season.

Thanks see you soon