The Pastis House

LA MAISON DU PASTIS is more than just a small shop, it is the tribune of expression of creators from all over the territory. Today we produce and distribute more than 75 different PASTIS and ABSINTHES for you, lovers of images and taste. We also try to bring you day after day a maximum number of associated products for the «apéro», glasses, carafes, pitchers, branded bottles, diverse accessories related to PASTIS and ABSINTHE (spoons, fountains...) gift-sets... All possibilities for pleasure!

Thanks to the web site, you can, in all security, buy all our products, contact us, whatever you need (management committees, marriages, groups, professional tasters etc.)

We are at your disposal,
don’t hesitate to contact us.

See you soon in Marseille or on-line.

Frédéric BERNARD and his team.

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